Proggy Fonts

Monospaced Bitmap Programming Fonts

Looking for the perfect programming font ?

This site is the home of the Proggy programmer’s fonts (Proggy Clean, Proggy Square, Proggy Small, and Proggy Tiny) as well as a number of contributed programming fonts (Crisp, Speedy, CodingFontTobi1, and Opti). It is also the home of two other proportional bitmap fonts for use on web pages (Webby Caps and Webby Small).

Every font you will find here was created by a programmer and is free.

The proggy fonts are a set of fixed-width screen fonts that are designed for code listings. They are distributed in Microsoft’s .fon format, the truetype (ttf) format, as well as XWindows (Linux/BSD…) pcf format. The .fon format works well with MS Visual Studio, a command prompt, Photoshop, etc. Some editors do not recognize .fon fonts, in which case you should use the ttf version (12pt PC, 16pt Mac).

Each font only comes in one size that it looks good at. The ttf fonts should also be used at their intended point size as they are basically conversions of the pixel based bitmap versions. The fonts were optimized while coding in C or C++… for this reason, characters like the ‘*’ were placed vertically centered, as ‘*’ usually means dereference or multiply, but never ‘to the power of’ like in Fortran.

The {}s are centered horizontally (as my coding style aligns braces vertically), the zero looks different from the capital oh, and there is never any confusion between ells, ones, and eyes.

Additionally, the arithmetic operators (+ – * < >) are all axis aligned… unlike the last ones you just saw.

Screenshots and individual font information is available in the download area.

ClearType Note: These ttf fonts will not benefit from having ClearType turned on. This may change in the future. For now you’re better off using some other ttf font that is curve-based and not pixel-based if you want sub-pixel anti-aliasing.