Creating X Windows fonts
An article titled: "Converting a Windows bitmap font to an *nix compatible font" by Matt Westgate.

How to install X Windows pcf fonts to install X Windows pcf fonts.

TTX Library
A good open source library for dealing with the truetype format. This library can be used to create new ttf fonts or edit existing ones. This library was used to create the Proggy truetype fonts.

Programmer Font List
Keith Devens excellent list of fonts for programmers.
An excellent collection of free fonts for download.

A favourable review of the Proggy fonts
Yes... a bit of self-promotion :)

Info on the .fon font format
This link describes the .fon bitmap font format. A .fon file is an executable (dll) with empty code segments and the fonts stored as resources.

Info on the .fnt font format
This link describles the .fnt bitmap font format. Multiple fnt files are basically stored in a single .fon file. Each fnt file is a complete set of glyphs at a particular point size.
A good resource to download free and shareware fonts. Good interface for viewing the fonts as well.

Random Stuff
A personal homepage with a few random things to download.